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Housing Corporation Officers Training Seminar
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Housing Corporation Officers Training Seminar

House Corporation Officers Training Seminar

The Board of Grand Trustees provide high level training each year for Sigma Chi house corporation officers in topics like Millennial Student Housing Trends, Corporate Governance, Fund Raising, Chapter House Maintenance and Project Planning.  Brainstorming sessions allow brothers to share successes and experiences.

HCOTS is held in conjunction with Balfour Leadership Training Seminar which takes place in late July and/or early August. Most of the cost of HCOTS (travel, accommodations, food and training) is underwritten by Sigma Chi.  Space is limited.  Priority will be given to house corporations who have not yet attended an HCOTS.  If you are a board officer (President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary) of a Sigma Chi house corporation and would like to be considered for HCOTS, email rich.thompson@sigmachi.com