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Grand Trustees
Housing Corporation Officers Training Seminar
Chapter House Plan Archive
Grand Trustees




JB Allen (2015) jballen@sig1855.com  Ph 212.849.3973
Provinces: Hudson Valley, Mid Atlantic, Northwestern New York

Bill Bowlin (2015) bbowlin@caslp.com  Ph 281.499.4747
Provinces: East Texas, Kansas

Bill Bringham, Jr. (2019) ECBFinl@att.net   Ph 847.446.7890
Provinces: East Illinois, Northern Illinois, West Michigan, West Illinois, Wisconsin

Tom Burton (2019) tom.burton@abrealty.com  Ph. 443.831.0146
Provinces:  Central Pennsylvania, Eastern,

Tom Ely (2017) tely@bellsouth.net  Ph 931.358.4981
Northern Missouri, South Missouri, South Georgia, Southern Indiana,

John "Tony" Flores ( 2017)  john.flores@sigmachi.com   Ph 559.304.0686 
Board Vice Chairman
Fundraising Assistance Committee
Provinces:  California Bay Area, California Central Valley, Los Angeles Coastal, Southern California

Breck Grover (2019) dbgrover1@comcast.net  Ph 720.913.5033
Provinces:  Central,
Rocky Mountain

Dan Harrop (2017) DanHarrop@sigmachi.com  Ph 401.274.8337
Provinces:  Connecticut/Rhode Island, North Atlantic

Rich Hronek (2017) hroneksig@gmail.com  Ph 440.934.4114
Board Secretary

Provinces:  East Michigan, Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio, Southern Ohio

Jeff Murison (2019) jeffmurison.sigmachi@gmail.com Ph 717.329.1324
Provinces: North Carolina, North Georgia, South Carolina

Bill Robinson
(2019) bill.robinson@sigmachi.com  Ph 239.293.5239
Provinces:  Central Florida, Florida Sun Coast, North Florida, South Florida

Scott Ross (2013) hsross@bellsouth.net  Ph 662.494.2593
Grand Trustee Liaison to Grand Praetors

Provinces: Alabama Northern, Alabama/Gulf Coast, Southern

Tom Samulski (2017) tjsamulski@aol.com Ph 815.666.5742
Board Treasurer
Provinces:  East Tennessee, Kentucky, West Tennessee

Steve Schuyler (2015) sgschuyler@sigmachi.com  Ph 520.745.6221
Provinces:  Grand Canyon, Southwestern, Utah/Nevada

Harvey Silverman
(2015) harveyas@aol.com   Ph 703.319.8806
Grand Trustee Representative to Executive Committee
Corporation Compliance Assistance Committee
Provinces:  Eastern Virginia, Western Virginia, West Virginia/Western Pennsylvania

Rich Thompson (2017) rich.thompson@sigmachi.com Ph 503.977.7974
Board Chairman
The Sig House Newsletter Editor  
TheSigHouse.org Website Manager

House Corporation Officers Training Seminar Coordinator

Provinces:  Northwestern, The Big Sky

Chad Ward (2015)  chad.ward@sigmachi.com   Ph 972.571.5202
Corporation Compliance Assistance Committee
Provinces: Central Texas, Northern Texas, Oklahoma/Arkansas

John Watson
( 2015)  John.Watson@sigmachi.com  Ph 604.612.4028
Provinces:  North Central, Ontario, St. Lawrence